Aerol Company, Inc. has been an OEM supplier of casters and wheels for many years. We manufacture all of our aluminum castings, poly wheels and other materials needed to support the needs of our customers. This flexibility allows Aerol to satisfy custom requirements and offer faster delivery times and lower prices.

This website offers the user a chance to see and use many of the technical drawings and models of our numerous products that aid in the integration of our high quality mobility products to your design. You can contact an Aerol representative directly, download a drawing or 3D renderable model and request a CD-ROM which contains our catalog and drawing files.

We are located in Rancho Domiquez, California and are available at 310.762.2660 in the office or FAX at 310.762.2005. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Our mailing address is:

19560 South Rancho Way Rancho Dominquez, CA 90220

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