The Aerol Engineering Department would like to make available to you, many of the drawings that will aid in your product selection. We offer many of the popular file formats, which are ready for you to download and review at your leisure.

They are categorized by part number, and we have included a sample image of the part as a thumbnail, as we understand that not every user is familiar with our part numbering system.

We have the ability to design, develop, and build products, and are also capable of manufacturing from supplier prints based on customer requirements. Our team of experts is well-versed in reverse engineering as well as full-on development of new products from start to finish, and are thrilled to assist and be a part of each project. Consulting with our engineers can improve the efficiency and functionality of your products. While we are well established in the listed areas, we are still growing in others. Aerol is excited to be a part of the growing energy field and is working toward a more energy-efficient future, and has been more and more involved in the development of equipment for the aerospace industry. We pride ourselves in expanding our base and growing with the times while maintaining our roots and integrity as a company. Aerol has been providing quality metal solutions to America for 40 years, and we look forward to our exceeding expectations.

Please begin by selecting the top level style of product, and from there, thumbnails and downloadable drawings will be available. Feel free to contact us for guidance at 310.762.2660. These drawings are also available in a CD-ROM for free! E-mail us for a copy today.

The Engineering Department utilizes the latest in 3D modeling and design software to develop cutting edge mobilization equipment for an ever-changing world. Drawings of some of our proven designs are available in formats that are viewable as 3D models, to integrate into your own design.

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