Industrial casters can be used outdoors. However, you need to consider some extra considerations regarding corrosion and other damages.

For one thing, outdoor surfaces are much harder on casters than indoors. Rocks, cracks, uneven surfaces, or potholes are common in cement and asphalt. These factors can stop a cart from rolling and cause damage due to impact.

In these instances, a spring-loaded, shock-absorbing caster is ideal for outdoor use. The springs allow the wheels to roll over obstructions while dissipating the shock and load movement caused by the wheel impacting the obstruction.

Aerol offers the ability to customize every shock-absorbing caster we sell. This includes tapered roller bearings in the wheels and swivel rigs, which allow the caster to accept vertical and side loads.

Another option is to use Pneumatic Tires. These wheels provide longer life, less maintenance, and high shock absorbency.  Cushion Tread Wheels are another option. They feature a soft core of hear-resistant rubber to provide maximum shock mitigation and a tough rubber cover to ensure long life.

Environmental factors

Water, humidity, snow, and other sources of moisture can corrode and damage casters. They will cause cast iron to rust, may deteriorate certain tread formulations, and can impact bearings.  If rolled onto those hot surfaces, extreme heat and scorching surfaces can denigrate Industrial Casters.

High-end casters are made from high-grade aluminium and will not corrode or rust in moist environments, making them ideal for outdoor use. Pneumatic and Cushion Tread Tires and Mold Rubber wheels are also suitable for moist and wet environments, as they are not damaged by moisture.

Higher Traveling Speeds

Many outdoor applications involve using a Tugger, tractor, or other powered mechanisms. Most can travel at speeds exceeding the average walking speed of 3.1 mph. It is critical to know the expected speed that these casters will experience. We offer a few different options for applications that require operation at speeds higher than walking speeds. For example, we have casters that can handle 20mph when equipped with anti-shimmy devices.


Please get in touch with our sales staff to develop the ideal solution for your challenge. We can custom-build a caster to meet your exact needs.