Ground support equipment requires a level of durability that goes above and beyond normal circumstances. Unforgiving conditions cause damage to luggage carts, cargo decks, cargo dollies, and other wheeled equipment.  This makes choosing a safe and durable caster for your application a top priority. With Aerol, you’ll get products that are built to last longer, move heavy loads better, reduce costs, and hold up in less-than-ideal conditions. All while meeting the stringent safety standards demanded by the ground support industry.

Under extreme loads and in extreme conditions, we’ll help keep your operation rolling.

We have designed and built several custom casters specifically for aerospace aviation companies and airplane manufacturers. As well as military contractors and private jet and helicopter manufacturers. Here are some innovations and insights that have put Aerol at the forefront of caster technology for military and aerospace applications.

Conquer corrosion with our aluminum casters, noted for their high corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and universal sectional properties. Made from high-grade #356 aluminum, our casters are used by major airlines and civilian and military ground support services. 

Running Gear for Military Applications

From light-duty utility trailer axles to from and rear axle synchronized steering units for people movers, Aerol running gear assemblies are always on the move. Our Side Angle Mount (SAM) suspension unit features a shock-absorbing unit that bolts to the side of ground support equipment for vehicles requiring a low center of gravity and approach angles. This flexible design allows for front and rear steering for maneuvering in restricted areas or conventional front-end steering when the equipment is power towed.

Another featured project is our Banjo Mount Suspension Unit. The Banjo Mount can be bolted to the side of mobile equipment, eliminating the need for an axle while providing a lower center of gravity and approach angles.

MIL-Spec requirements

MIL-Spec requirements are an area that Aerol excels in. When customers need a product to meet the higher tolerances of military specifications, our facilities are qualified by all branches of the armed services. Our customers include most of the prime contractors to the military.

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