Aerol Casters are Built to Last and Designed to Exceed Past Industry Expectations.

Aerol Casters are made of high-quality materials designed for a variety of applications. While durability and dependability are built into every caster we manufacture, let’s discuss what goes into creating an Aerol caster.  

Aerol Shock Absorbing Caster

Aerol Shock Absorbing Caster

The adaptability of aluminum to permanent mold casting provides the ultimate in modern material handling. While we offer various steel casters, most Aerol casters are constructed of 356T6 aluminum alloy that is heat-treated to improve strength. Aluminum provides high corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and uniform sectional properties. The added T6 treatment provides excellent hardness.

These casters are designed to perform in challenging environments, like the many situations the military encounters. Aerol brings an esteemed reputation dating back 76 years as a contractor for the defense and aviation industries during WWII.

Designed for heavier demands, Aerol also features shock-absorbing casters for maximum shock absorption under all conditions — even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty.

Strong and lightweight aluminum casters

Our aluminum corrosion-resistant casters are lightweight but not light on strength. These casters can handle a maximum load of 10,000 lbs per caster and withstand the elements. This makes them a perfect choice for Navy and Coast Guard applications where corrosion is a problem for steel and iron. Another advantage of aluminum casters is that their weight can be half that of iron or steel.

Maintenance free benefits

Another question we often ask is, “How often do you have to lubricate your bearings? The answer? Never. That’s because our casters are maintenance free.

Our maintenance-free casters use high-performance lubricants, which provide a high melting point and a low cold test. The upper and lower seals on Aerol bearings feature a neoprene “O” ring. Aerol casters also feature a positive pressure seal designed to withstand constant exposure to various temperatures, water, steam, pressure, vacuum, detergents, abrasives, and many other conditions.

The bearings in our maintenance-free casters permit both radial and thrust loads, providing maximum performance and reliability. They are pumped with grease and sealed on each side of the ball raceway. This seal locks the oil in and removes dirt or liquid, ensuring a durable, long-lasting caster in demanding environments.

Safety and durability

Aerol casters are also spark-proof. The lack of ferrous metals in the aluminum caster means it won’t cause sparks that could ignite under the right conditions. This is extremely important for applications requiring explosion-proof equipment in hazardous conditions. Talk to an Aerol Representative for more information on our full Aerospace, Automotive, and Military-Spec casters line.