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Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry Casters

Aerospace is a diverse and demanding industry. Platforms used in aircraft and spacecraft assembly must be able to handle hundreds of thousands of pounds while maneuvering safely and efficiently. While outside, ground support equipment is needed to transport in all kinds of environmental conditions.

Aerol offers a complete line of aerospace industry casters that are up to par for the grueling demands of aerospace and military applications, including a complete line of aluminum casters that are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, yet durable.

In addition to our standard caster wheel products, we can also design a caster to meet unique and exacting applications. From shock-absorbing casters that can transport fragile loads to pneumatic wheel stands designed to transport high-value products like aircraft engines, Aerol can be a high-value asset for your operations.

Why We Are A Preferred Supplier

You’ll find many aerospace caster products designed to deliver a faster ROI while adding efficiency and safety by accessing the product portal below. Or, visit our Live Chat to talk to a genuine Caster Concepts representative.

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