ALBION, MI – Caster Concepts Inc. ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of  Aerol Co. Inc. (, a leading design, engineering, and caster manufacturer for military, aerospace, and energy industries.

The purchase adds Aerol’s aluminum casters and wheels specifically designed for the aerospace tooling industry to Caster Concepts’ diverse line of heavy-duty industrial casters, wheels, and polyurethane tread.

Aerol Operations Moving to Albion, Michigan.

Caster Concepts will move Aerol’s Southern California operations to Albion, retaining its equipment, design and engineering work, and several members of its sales team. Caster Concepts will expand its production in central Michigan and continue building Aerol, a 76-year-old company highly respected as a supplier of premium engineering and equipment solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.

“It’s an exciting time for Caster Concepts. This strategic purchase fits well with our product line and allows us to serve new customers while strengthening our work in aviation and government contracting,” said Caster Concepts President and CEO Bill Dobbins.

The addition of Aerol expands the Caster Concepts family of brands to 10 and builds its reputation as a leading global material handling manufacturer. General Manager Andrew Dobbins will oversee the transition of Aerol to Michigan, which should be complete by the end of 2020, and Director of Sales Doug Backinger will manage the customer fulfillment effort for the acquisition.

“Aerol’s reputation in manufacturing is well known in the industry, and its line of aluminum casters is unparalleled,” said Andrew Dobbins, who has managed several of Caster Concepts’  past acquisitions. “Our goal is to build on their high standing, bringing in our top engineers and line workers to continue their mission of producing only the highest-quality casters, considered the Rolex of the industry.”

The Aerol acquisition brings growth to Michigan, which much like the rest of the country, has struggled this year. Caster Concepts will expand its staff and manufacturing personnel and outsource the production of aluminum castings to a foundry in the region.

“Despite the downturn of the last few months, we’re back in growth mode, and that bodes well for everyone,” said Bill Dobbins. “Companies that successfully grow are able to give back to all their stakeholders, the employee base, and the community. This all falls in line with our Caster Cares  initiative to have a positive impact from the work we do.”