Airlite Industrial Wheels

A general-purpose medium-duty wheel, available with either straight roller or self-lubricating porous bronze bearings. Single wall construction of highly corrosive, spark-proof, impact-absorbing prime aluminum alloy; webbed for fracture resistance; combining lightness with strength; and transmitting the load directly to the bearing surfaces. Cast in permanent molds to ensure concentricity, balance, and uniformity. Requires occasional lubrication and will give long and economical service within recommended load ratings.

Construction and Material Prowess

Airlite Industrial Wheels are crafted from a single wall of highly corrosive, spark-proof, impact-absorbing prime aluminum alloy. This construction ensures durability and adds a crucial safety element in various industrial environments. The single-wall design is webbed for fracture resistance, striking a delicate balance between lightness and strength. Premium materials enhance the wheel’s resilience to corrosive elements, contributing to a longer lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.

Bearing Options for Tailored Performance

These wheels are available with a choice between straight roller bearings or self-lubricating porous bronze bearings. This flexibility in bearing options allows industries to tailor the wheels to specific operational requirements, whether for heavy loads, smooth movement, or reduced maintenance needs. The self-lubricating porous bronze bearings, in particular, offer a low-maintenance solution, contributing to the overall efficiency of industrial operations.

Precision in Manufacturing

Airlite Industrial Wheels are cast in permanent molds, a testament to the precision and quality assurance embedded in their manufacturing process. This method ensures concentricity, balance, and uniformity across each wheel, translating into reliable and consistent performance. The attention to detail in manufacturing guarantees that these wheels can withstand the rigors of industrial applications, maintaining their structural integrity over time.

Load Transmission Efficiency

The single-wall construction is designed for durability and efficiently transmitting the load directly to the bearing surfaces. This direct load transmission minimizes stress points, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the wheel. Industries can trust Airlite Industrial Wheels to handle loads within recommended ratings, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness.

Low Maintenance Requirements

A notable feature of Airlite Industrial Wheels is their minimal maintenance needs. Occasional lubrication is required to keep these wheels operating at peak efficiency. This low-maintenance characteristic translates into reduced downtime, making them an economical choice for industries looking for reliable, hassle-free mobility solutions.