In the Aerospace and aviation industry, companies seek reliable and high-performance casters to move and maneuver heavy tooling, take on the toughest terrain, stand up to punishing conditions, and protect sensitive loads in a secure fashion.

The Significance of Aluminum Casters for Aerospace.

aerol 12 series aluminum aerospace casterAs a lightweight and robust material, aluminum is ideal for applications where weight and strength are critical factors. The aerospace industry commonly uses cast aluminum parts for various applications, including aircraft components, rocket engines, and satellite parts.

Aerol casters are manufactured from #356 aluminum. This type of aluminum is unquestionably the best choice of material because of its high corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and uniform sectional properties.

In addition, aluminum’s adaptability to permanent mold casting creates the perfect solution for the modern material handling needs of many industries.

Load Protection and Safety.

Aerol spring loaded caster for aerospace

Aerol spring-loaded caster for aerospace

The stakes are high in military and aerospace applications—a caster failure can be catastrophic. That’s why Aerol casters and ground support equipment are built to military and aerospace specifications.
For load protection, Aerol spring-loaded casters are thoroughly tested under various conditions to provide maximum shock absorption even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty. They also reduce the noise generated by vibration. In addition, they give more control when rolling over uneven or cracked floors compared to a conventional caster.
Pneumatic and Cushion Tread Wheels also provide load protection because of their softer composition that helps to absorb shocks.  Our pneumatic wheels are perfect for high- and low-speed applications, such as baggage, utility cargo, and military applications. Aerol Pneumatic casters are also offered with sealed-hub construction.

Secure loads are another critical aspect in terms of safety. Aerol’s equipment testing meets the rigorous acceptance requirements of the military and aerospace sectors for a variety of conditions. A great example is a case study simulating real-world shipboard conditions using Aerol’s Deadman Brake and a Running Gear Brake: 

CASE STUDY: Navy Cargo Safe And Secure With Aerol’s Deadman Brakes And Running Gear Brake

Load Capacity Considerations.

C-17 Landing Gear DollyAerospace components can be extremely heavy. To address this, aerospace casters typically have a high weight capacity, ranging from around 5,000 pounds to over 50,000 pounds per caster. Our extra heavy duty aerospace casters are designed to handle unusually heavy loads where durability and extra resistance to shock are important.

In addition to handling higher weight capacities, aerospace tooling casters also need to be maneuverable and easy to push and pull. This is where a heavy duty swivel caster comes in. Unlike rigid casters, which travel in a straight line, a heavy-duty swivel caster has an additional swivel joint above the fork that allows the fork to rotate 360°. This makes it easy to move the wheel in any direction without changing its orientation.

Aerospace Caster Wheels

When choosing aerospace casters, the type of wheel you use must also be taken into consideration. Here are some of the different types of wheels that are available for aerospace tooling casters:

  • Polyurethane: These wheels are durable and non-marking, making them a good choice for use on finished floors.
  • Phenolic: These wheels are heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Pneumatic: These wheels provide good shock absorption and are a good choice for use on uneven surfaces and outdoor applications.
  • Steel: These wheels are the most durable option, but they can also be the most expensive. They are also the hardest on floors.
 RF12 series 12,000 lb load capacity

Our RF12 series has a 12,000 lb. load capacity per caster and is lubricated for life.

Additional Aerospace Caster Requirements.

Durability: Aerospace tooling casters are often subjected to harsh conditions, including machine shops and hangers. Corrosion-resistant aluminum casters are ideal in wet and humid environments and outdoor use. Aerospace casters are designed to withstand these conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Aerol aerospace casters are also maintenance free, so they never need lubricating. The high-performance lubricants used provide a high melting point and a low cold test. In addition, a positive pressure seal withstands constant exposure to a wide range of conditions, whether that is steam, detergents, abrasives, pressure or temperatures.

Precision: Many aerospace and military components require precise handling and positioning during transportation. Aerol aerospace casters have features like swivel locks and brakes to help ensure accurate positioning, improving safety and efficiency. In addition, for long tooling loads, dual wheel casters with pry-bar sockets offer added stability.

Aerospace tooling casters must solve a variety of challenges without fail, and choosing the right casters can make all the difference in meeting aerospace and aviation challenges.
Please contact our sales staff to develop the ideal solution for your challenge. We can custom-build a caster to meet your exact needs.