Caster Wheels

Aerol aluminum industrial wheels and casters are known for their durability and low maintenance costs. Our maintenance-free casters are factory lubricated for life and feature a positive pressure seal to withstand exposure to a variety of weather conditions and temperatures, abrasives, and other foreign debris.

Because of this high quality and satisfaction of performance, every major industry and all branches of the armed forces use Aerol products in hundreds of applications. Our castes are made of #356 aluminum because of its high corrosion resistance, its high tensile strength, and its uniform sectional properties.

You’ll find a large variety of industrial caster wheels in all sizes to meet your specific application. This includes Aerol Industrial Wheels and our Aerolast Polyurethane Wheels, Pneumatic and Cushion Tread Wheels, to the user-specific V-Groove Wheels. There are a few factors to think about when choosing which type of wheel you will need.

For example, our Aerolast wheels are capable of elevating their performance without compromising safety. They can withstand elevated temperature environments up to 250° F intermittent exposure before breaking down. Urethanes are also excellent if the caster wheel is exposed to a variety of chemicals or fluids that can degrade the tire. For outdoor use and cushioning, pneumatic wheels and cushion tread wheels are ideal. Is the wheel being used on a track? In that case, v-groove and flanged wheels are preferred to minimize guidance and rolling effort.

Whatever your requirements, Aerol has a heavy duty caster wheel for your industrial application. If you still have questions regarding the proper caster wheel choice, you can click on the learn more button on any of our caster wheels below.

V-Groove Wheel

V-groove wheels are constructed of premium G-3000 gray iron castings or hot forged C-1030 steel. The 90 degree grooves are V-Groove Wheel

Rubber Tread Wheels

Caster Concepts offers the highest quality domestic Mold On Rubber wheels. Our mold on rubber wheels consist of a soft Rubber Tread Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels offer the highest cushioning, shock-absorbing caster/wheel, without moving to a more expensive spring-loaded caster. Capacities of pneumatics are Pneumatic Wheels

Nylon Wheels

Nylon Wheels are a high load capacity, floor protective wheel. Wheel capacities approach those of similar cast iron and steel Nylon Wheels

Airlite Industrial Wheels

A general purpose medium duty wheel, available with either straight roller or self-lubricating porous bronze bearings. Single wall construction of Airlite Industrial Wheels

Aerolast Wheels

Aerolast urethanes provide the solution to whatever problem your product has encountered including abrasion, load-bearing capacity, or chemical deterioration. The Aerolast Wheels

Aerol Seal Wheels

A positive pressure-sealed, heavy duty wheel suitable for all weather and dust operations, incorporating single well, highly corrosive resistant aluminum Aerol Seal Wheels

Aerol Industrial Wheels

Aerol Industrial Wheels are factory lubricated for life with Lubriko-Master lubricant (M-21), offering unusually high film strength, an extremely high Aerol Industrial Wheels