Aerol Seal Wheels

A positive pressure-sealed, heavy-duty wheel suitable for all weather and dust operations, incorporating Aerol seal wheels, single well, highly corrosive resistant aluminum casting with automotive standard anti-friction tapered roller bearings, permitting imposition of radial, thrust, and combination loads. These features, when combined with plated steel spacer sleeves, around which the entire assembly rotates in conjunction with cast aluminum threaded retainers in the wheel hub, house a series of Neoprene “O’ rings forming an air-tight, water-tight seal which prevents condensation within the hub, exclude dirt, water and foreign matter and retains the lubricant, making this a maintenance-free type unit requiring no lubrication during the everyday service life of this wheel.

Robust Construction for Heavy-Duty Performance:

Aerol Seal Wheels boast a single-wall construction crafted from highly corrosive-resistant aluminum casting, ensuring durability under challenging conditions. This heavy duty casters design positions the wheels as reliable components capable of withstanding rigorous operational demands in various industrial settings.

Precision Bearings for Optimal Load Handling:

Incorporating automotive standard anti-friction tapered roller bearings elevates the load-bearing capacity of Aerol Seal Wheels. These bearings allow for the imposition of radial, thrust, and combination loads with exceptional efficiency, ensuring smooth and reliable operation even under demanding circumstances.

Advanced Sealing Technology:

What sets Aerol Seal Wheels apart is their advanced sealing technology. Plated steel spacer sleeves, cast aluminum threaded retainers, and a series of Neoprene “O” rings create an air-tight and water-tight seal. This innovative sealing mechanism prevents condensation within the hub and acts as a formidable barrier, excluding dirt, water, and foreign matter from compromising the wheel’s integrity.

Maintenance-Free Operation:

Aerol Seal Wheels redefines the concept of low maintenance by offering a genuinely maintenance-free unit. The robust sealing system eliminates the need for regular lubrication, contributing to a hassle-free ownership experience. This feature is particularly significant as it extends the expected service life of the wheel, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Versatility in Environmental Conditions:

Designed to thrive in all weather conditions, Aerol Seal Wheels are versatile and can be used in diverse environments. Whether exposed to harsh weather elements or operating in dusty settings, these wheels deliver optimal performance, making them a reliable choice for applications ranging from manufacturing facilities to outdoor construction sites.