Spring Loaded Casters

Protect your payload with Aerol spring-loaded casters.


Designed by demand and fully tested under a wide variety of conditions, Aerol shock-absorbing caster rigs provide maximum shock absorption under all conditions — even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty. Aerol Spring Loaded Casters are constructed with commercial-type coil spring combinations which provide optimum shock absorbing characteristics for heavy loads, light loads, and the variable loads experienced between empty and loaded cart operating conditions.

Springs can easily be replaced to convert the unit for different load capacities and shock-absorbing characteristics. Like other Aerol products, all components of the shock-absorbing model are made from maximum corrosive resistant prime materials and all of the maintenance-free features are incorporated.

When moving a valuable product load, your casters become important players for safe transport. Aerol’s line of spring-loaded casters offers you significant advantages over conventional casters because they take better care of your payload.


Minimize damage with a smoother ride. Spring-loaded, shock-absorbing casters minimize damage sustained during indoor or outdoor transport by absorbing impact and load movement.

Directional integrity for straight-line travel. Spring-loaded casters are designed to move vertically to compensate for uneven floor surfaces. This design allows the wheel to continue in a straight line since it always remains in contact with the floor and allows for faster and longer towing capabilities.

Minimized downtime. Compared to pneumatic tires, treaded shock-absorbing casters don’t need air pumps and won’t go flat if punctured or allowed to sit unused.

Quieter ride. Because they don’t oscillate or cause excessive load vibration, spring-loaded casters are quieter than conventional wheels, reducing workplace noise pollution.


Spring-loaded casters are used on assembly stands and dollies that carry electronic gear, expensive motors, jet engines, rockets, etc.


Aerol’s Standard, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Hi-Performance Spring Loaded Casters come in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. You can also customize any spring-loaded caster from Aerol. This includes tapered roller bearings in the wheels and swivel rigs, allowing the caster to accept vertical and side loads.

Wheel Sizes: 4″,6″,8″, 10″, and 12″.
Load Capacities: From 300 lbs. with our 4″ wheel to 15,000 lbs. with our 12″ Wheel.
Construction: 353 T6 Aluminum, with exception of our Dual 12″ caster constructed of welded steel.

SDSH12 Series Casters – 6,400 Lbs Max Capacity – 6.25 x 8.12 Top Plate

Dual Shock Absorbing Caster 6,400 lbs. max

Our dual wheel shock absorbing casters spread the load over a wider surface area for less stress on the floor, providing more stability and less opportunity for a breakdown.

For extreme damping, a good solution is a spring-loaded caster coupled with a pneumatic tire. We also customize all our spring-loaded casters, tailoring the springs to fit the weight of your specific application. Our casters can even be shock resistant, an important safety element in many manufacturing environments.