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Meet your GSE challenges head-on with our advanced mobility solutions. From shock mitigation to corrosion resistance, we’ve got you covered to ensure your mission’s success.

Enhanced capabilities in product design, product research, and product delivery

Aerol has a sterling reputation for designing premium casters, running gear, and ground support equipment through our close association with the military, aviation, and aerospace sectors.  Our decades of experience in the material handling field led to many innovations that help our customers move both delicate and demanding equipment safely and efficiently.

With our complete manufacturing facilities and engineering capabilities, the sky’s the limit to what Aerol can design and manufacture to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

You’ll also notice the new look and feel of our new website. Major updates to product search capabilities have been implemented, as well as an integrated Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) infrastructure that meets the requirements of the Department of Defense for added security.

Whether the need is shock mitigation, impact loading, side-mounting capabilities, corrosion resistance, elevated temperatures, or high-weight capacities, trust the application experts at Aerol to deliver high-caliber products pertaining to the many facets of mobility.

Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

Running Gear

By identifying and understanding the transitional and mobility needs of commercial and military industries, AEROL developed a variety of Running Gear components for trailers and mobile ground equipment designed to move equipment safely and efficiently.

These include S.A.M, (Side Angle Mount) and Banjo Mount Suspension Gear, Hydraulic and Mechanical Brakes, as well as Pneumatic Tires and Cushion Tread Wheels to highlight a few.

Compact design, adaptability to virtually any trailer configuration, and effective shock absorption for a wide range of load capacities are just some of the many advantages of utilizing Aerol for your ground support needs

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As an original manufacturer of aluminum wheels, casters, and running gear, AEROL designs and builds all of its casters and conducts complete test programs while following quality control standards through every phase of manufacturing. 

Versatility is a prime feature of AEROL products and services. We recognize no matter how well each caster model is engineered, it must be flexible enough to undergo adaptations to meet the user’s unique specifications and optimal performance whether it’s a custom or standard application.

All Aerol kingpin casters are made of high-grade aluminum and are maintenance free to ensure durability and optimal performance and designed for a wide variety of weight capacities and able to handle both direct and side loads.

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Aerol industrial wheels and running gear wheels are durable, low maintenance, and designed to withstand exposure to a variety of environmental conditions.

From military applications to major industries, Aerol has a wheel for any situation. Our Aerolast wheels’ polyurethane properties can take the heat, abuse, or heavy loads without complaint, while our Airlite and Aerol Industrial Wheels are general-purpose wheels designed for medium to heavy duty applications.

 Aerol Seal Wheels are a positive pressure-sealed, heavy duty wheel suitable for all weather and dust operations, while our Pneumatic Wheels are designed for high- and low-speed applications, such as in baggage, utility cargo, farm, and house trailers, and other similar equipment.

We also offer Cushion Tread Wheels that will not go flat even when punctured and have a higher load capacity than a pneumatic tire of the same size.

And for mounting on straight stub axles and in casters, our High-Profile Tire features a tough, abrasion-resistant outer tread with the inside of the tire made from a soft heat resistant, energy absorbing rubber.

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Spring Loaded Casters

The vibration and shock-dampening characteristics of Aero spring-loaded casters are unequaled in the mitigation of shock imposed on sensitive and highly valued equipment.

Our spring loaded casters minimize the chance of shock damage to payloads and maximize mobility by allowing the casters to roll over uneven and rough surfaces effectively. The vertical movement of these casters offers significant advantages over conventional casters to protect your payload.

As each application is different in regards to optimal spring deflection, Aerol engineers are experts in determining the right spring loaded caster for your application. Whatever your needs, we have a solution!

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