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Choosing the Right Industrial Caster Series

Durability and versatility are prime features of Aerol casters. Every caster we design and manufacture is made of high-grade aluminum and high-quality components. They are built to our customers’ exact specifications and engineered to meet the highest safety factors. In addition, every part of our casters can be replaced, making them easily repairable. They are also maintenance free for years of dependable use. In fact, some of our casters have been in the field since the 1950s.

Aerol’s all aluminum casters also have other advantages. They have a natural resistance to corrosion, are spark resistant and non-magnetic, and are fully sealed so grease does not leak out. You’ll find our casters in many commercial and military applications, and our casters meet MIL-C-4751, MS24373, MS27281, MS27149, MS24374, and MIL-C-7474 specifications.

Built to Solve Problems That Other Casters Cant.

Aerol casters are designed for a variety of uses and load capacities. Our general-purpose, maintenance-free, casters are excellent for handling both direct and side loads, whereas our extra heavy duty casters are designed to handle unusually heavy loads where durability and extra resistance to shock are important.

Our shock-absorbing casters are fully tested under a wide variety of conditions and provide maximum shock absorption under all conditions even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty.

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Need Help With Your Model?

If you have questions about your model, or need help determining which caster is right for your application, talk with one of our experts using our Live Chat, or check out our Learning Center to help you determine which caster you need.