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Welcome to our Caster and Running Gear Learning Center, a place designed to help you make well-informed decisions about the type of caster or running gear option you need in an open, accessible environment.

From reviewing our catalog — to discovering our different caster configurations and polyurethane wheels — to learning more about what makes up a caster — our goal is to give you the best information on your journey of choosing the right caster.

Looking for even higher learning? You are always welcome to contact our caster mobility experts who are always happy to help!

Learning Center

Caster Configurations

The configuration of casters can have a huge impact on the amount of force exerted to move a cart, as ... Learning Center

SDH12 Caster
Why Use Maintenance Free Casters?

Choosing the Right Industrial Caster Series Durability and versatility are prime features of Aerol casters. Every caster we design and ... Learning Center

SSH10 Caster
Caster Types

5 Steps to Selecting the Proper Industrial Caster for Your Application Selecting an industrial caster can be overwhelming. For most, the biggest ... Learning Center

Aerol Wheel
Caster Wheel Types

Aerol aluminum industrial wheels and casters are known for their durability and low maintenance costs. Our maintenance-free casters are factory lubricated ... Learning Center

L-Handle Swivel Lock
Caster Swivel Locks

Locking a swivel caster adds the benefits of safety, flexibility, and ease of movement. It also gives operators much more ... Learning Center

Steel Pedal Foot Brake- Right
Caster Wheel Brakes

Caster brakes are an important component of heavy-duty caster wheels and have many benefits. Caster wheel brakes can slow and ... Learning Center

SAM Unit
Running Gear Terms and Definitions

The terms and phrases in this list are used to educate customers on the proper criteria and specifications that must ... Learning Center

Running Gear Handbook

This catalog is to assist the running gear designer in the selection and proper use of AEROL components. Three different ... Learning Center