The Banjo Mount Running Gear was developed because of the need for an individual, self-contained, side mounting unit. That eliminates the need for a through axle. This design, often utilized in military operations, allows unlimited trailer design flexibility with more ground clearance.

The Aerol Banjo Mount comprises a wheel mounted on a stub axle and fitted to a shock absorption unit.  It’s designed to be bolted to the side of an item of ground service equipment. It is ideal for many situations. One prime example is when you need to clear a ramp on a cargo plane, or you want to spread out floor loading on the Aircraft floor. And because it mounts on the side, whatever it is mounted on comes without restrictions.

The Banjo Mouint provides a lower overall height than a regular running gear trailer. You can adjust the load per corner by replacing springs to balance your center of gravity. With this design, the necessity for any axle beam is eliminated. 

Aerol based the Banjo Mount and the S.A.M Suspension Unit on the most desirable features requested in aircraft running gear, including:

(1) Adaptability to virtually all types of trailer configurations.

(2)A wide range of load capacities.

(3) Simplicity of installation and maintenance.

(4) A wide range of tire sizes.

(5) Parking and service brakes.

(6) Compactness.

(7) Simplicity of design, using a minimum of parts, with inter-

changeability to reduce spare requirements and thereby simplify logistic


(8) Effective shock absorption is used to protect the equipment being handled.

Based on the Ackerman Steering Principle

The Ackerman steering principle is used, a design that allows each wheel to track correctly when the vehicle is negotiating a turn. Tie rods control the steerable front wheels from the tongue and tow bar assembly.

The tow bar assembly may include a vertical stowage latch, over-steering linkage, a surge system to automatically actuate hydraulic service brakes, a mechanical deadman linkage to actuate the parking brakes, safety chains, and a quick release pin for easy removal of the tow bar.  All system components are designed to exceed the requirements of USM specification MIL-M-8090 for type II mobility.

Due to the radial arm mounting of the axle in the Banjo Mount, when the wheel strikes an obstruction, the resultant motion is upward and backward. This means the shock radiates in the direction of the force applied to the wheel. Therefore, minimum shock is transmitted to the payload. This design makes the Aerol Banjo Mount especially suited to carrying delicate loads.

The Aerol Banjo Mount is designed for loads up to 10,000 lbs per wheel. The stub axle will accommodate 16-inch or 21-inch AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels, conforming to specification MIL-W-21985, and industrial pneumatic wheels in sizes 6.00-9, 7.50-10, and 9.00-10, as described in specification MIL-W-8005.