Navigating the challenges of ensuring stability and safety on ships, the military seeks reliable braking systems for carts carrying essential equipment. In the rigorous acceptance process of these systems, the pivotal role of running gear and casters cannot be understated.

Testing Process:

This case study delves into the testing of Aerol’s Deadman Braking System and the Running Gear Single Brake Shoe Design. The testing process consisted of two distinct phases. Each phase meticulously simulated real-world shipboard conditions, pushing the limits of the braking systems.

Testing consisted of a cart loaded with a simulated payload and then placed on a gimble platform (designed to incline and remain stable at an angle). The platform was tilted 30 degrees off horizontal to simulate extremely heavy seas.

Test 1. Deadman Brakes.

The first test was completed on the Deadman casters. The caster brakes were lowered to meet the running surface of the gimble and then activated. The gimble was raised to the 30-degree mark. This tested the holding power of the brakes as if the cart was on board a ship at sea.


The secured cart could not move under load at an angle of 30 degrees, which is a significant amount of list. This test solidified that Aerol’s Deadman braking system meets the functionality requirements of the Navy on a shipboard application.


Test 2. Running Gear Single Brake Shoe Design.

Repeating the test on the running gear’s braking system, the Deadman Casters were raised from the gimble running surface. The brakes were activated on the running gear, and the gimble was again raised to the 30-degree mark. The single-shoe running gear brakes also passed Navy standards with flying colors.

Trust, But Verify.

These rigorous tests substantiate Aerol’s Deadman braking system and the Running Gear Single Brake Shoe Design’s effectiveness in meeting the Navy’s stringent requirements for shipboard applications.

This case study verifies the reliability and innovation embedded in these braking systems, with implications reaching far beyond their initial scope. If you require high-quality braking systems for your carts or trailers that deliver without failure in the most demanding environments, contact Aerol to see if we have a solution that fits your needs.