Aerol aluminum industrial wheels and casters are appreciated for their durability and maintenance-free benefits.  Their longevity stems from features like factory-applied lifetime lubrication and positive pressure seals, which shield the wheels from various weather conditions, extreme temperatures, debris, and abrasives.

Along with these qualities, Aerol wheels adhere to strict military specifications, all of which have led to widespread adoption across numerous industries and the military.

Because of this high quality and satisfaction of performance, every major industry and all branches of the armed forces use Aerol products in hundreds of applications. Our castes are made of #356 aluminum because of its high corrosion resistance, its high tensile strength, and its uniform sectional properties.

The difference Between a Caster and a Caster Wheel.

In this blog, we will cover the variety of caster wheel types that Aerol offers. However, let’s quickly note some distinctions between a wheel and a caster.

A caster consists of the rig (the part that holds the wheel) and the wheel. The caster mounts to the bottom of a larger object, such as a cart or dolly, so operators can easily move it. Casters come in different materials, load ratings, and overall heights, and the wheels come in different diameters, hardness, and tread widths to give your equipment mobility in many kinds of work environments.

Caster Wheel Types

You’ll find a wide variety of industrial caster wheels in all sizes to meet your specific application.

  • Aerol Seal Wheels feature a series of neoprene O rings that form an air-tight, water-tight seal in all weather conditions.
  • High Profile Wheels provide additional shock mitigation due to their thicker treads.
  • Another popular wheel option is our Pneumatic Wheel. Pneumatic wheels offer the highest cushioning, shock-absorbing caster/wheel without moving to a more expensive spring-loaded caster. For towing, pneumatics are rated to tow up to 20 mph.
  • Cushion Tread Wheels are often used when the properties of a pneumatic wheel aren’t required. They are solid rubber tires that won’t go flat and have a higher towing speed (25 mph) than a pneumatic wheel.
  • For medium-duty applications, Airlite Wheels are the perfect choice. Their core is constructed of spark-proof, impact-absorbing prime aluminum alloy.
  • Our Drive Wheels include our Mold-on Rubber Wheels which provide excellent grip and noise reduction, and V-Groove Wheels which can be used to direct the load on a track.

For a quick recap, when choosing a wheel, always consider what environment it will operate in. For instance, Aerol Seal Wheels’ Neoprene O-rings form an airtight and water-tight seal to keep water, dirt, and other debris from entering the wheel hub. Pneumatic and Cushion Tread Wheels are ideal for outdoor applications where shock absorption is needed. V-Groove and Mold-on Rubber Wheels are best suited for track systems to ensure smooth rolling and directional control.

Casters vs. Running Gear

We have just talked about the many caster wheel types that Aerol offers, and these wheels are the mainstay of a caster. There are two primary types of casters: rigid and swivel casters. A Rigid Caster features a wheel attached to a stationary fork, allowing for straightforward linear movement. Similar to the fixed design of a Rigid Caster, a Swivel Caster wheel has a swivel joint positioned above the fork that grants it the freedom to rotate seamlessly in a full 360°, allowing the wheel to move in any direction.

The many caster wheel types are also a major component in Ground Support Running Gear, the mechanical equipment that moves and directs trailers and other objects efficiently. The low-profile design of these running gear applications allows storage of trailers in planes in limited cargo space and provides easier maneuverability under a plane’s wings.

Banjo Mount Running GearFor example, AEROL’S SAM Suspension Unit bolts to the side of ground support equipment with a stub axle that allows the mounting of a wide selection of wheels. The AEROL Banjo Mount handles loads up to 1,000 pounds per wheel in increments of 125 pounds and is compatible with Aerol Cushion Tread Wheels and Pneumatic Wheels. This setup eliminates the need for an axle beam, and the load cradled between the individual wheel units permits a lower center of gravity.

Aerol’s close association with the military, aviation, and aerospace sectors has led to many solutions that have helped our customers move sensitive and heavy equipment safely and effectively. If you have any questions about which caster wheel type or caster is the best fit for your application, contact the solutions experts at Aerol.