Jacking casters are useful for applications that require vertical adjustment of working platforms, machines, or other equipment. In military applications, jacking caster can enhance mobility, adaptability, and functionality in different scenarios.

Field equipment adjustments and vehicle maintenance

Jacking casters can be integrated into mobile field equipment, such as communication stations, radar systems, or command centers. Military personnel can quickly and easily adjust the height of critical equipment to optimize communication signals, surveillance capabilities, or the overall command view.

Aircraft and Aerospace

Tooling stands and platforms used in the aerospace industry utilize jacking casters to assemble rockets, planes, satellites, or nuclear munitions. This can be particularly useful when traditional lifting equipment is impractical. Aerol Jacking casters can be through-mounted, top-mounted, or side-mounted and are easy to match to your applications.

Jacking casters are used with C-17 main landing gear dolly and other maintenance equipment for aircraft maintenance and ground support equipment. Aerol jacking casters handle loads up to 23,000 lbs. and have a maximum travel of 20″. This leads to efficient maintenance and repair operations, ensuring that tasks can be carried out precisely and efficiently.

Mobile command centers and logistics.

jacking casters on mobile command center

Integrating height-adjustable casters into the design of mobile command centers allows the ability to jack up a unit, move it to the desired location, and set it in place for ultimate mobility.  Adjustable height can also improve communication range, optimize line-of-sight for surveillance, and create a more secure operational environment.

These adaptable casters can also be used on specialized transport vehicles or containers to adjust cargo height (and can be locked at a specific height) during loading and unloading operations, ensuring compatibility with different transport modes or loading docks.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Equipment: Jacking casters can benefit surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, such as crewless aerial vehicles (UAVs) or sensor platforms. Adjusting the height of these platforms improves visibility, range, and effectiveness in monitoring and intelligence-gathering operations. Visit here for information on Heavy-duty aluminum casters.

Build to spec. And built to last.

Aerol Jacking Casters are lightweight and maintenance-free. They are constructed of high-grade (356 T6) aluminum and steel alloy and designed to Mil specs.

In summary, durable and dependable jacking casters are used in military applications to enhance adaptability and functionality across various equipment and operational scenarios for improved mission capabilities. For more information, contact us or call 888-799-7166 for immediate assistance.