SDSH12 Series Casters – 6,400 Lbs. Max Capacity – 6.25 x 8.12 Top Caster Plate

6.25 x 8.12 Top Caster Plate

A dual shock-absorbing all-cast aluminum caster rig permanently sealed and lubricated for life. Top rig performance from all loads is assured by a double recovery sealed ball bearing and a tapered roller bearing. The spring rate can be configured in 50lb increments for customized cushioning.

Designed to meet heavy demand and thoroughly tested under various conditions, the Aerol shock-absorbing caster rig provides maximum shock absorption under all conditions, even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty.

The unit is constructed with commercial-type coil spring combinations, which provide optimum shock-absorbing characteristics for heavy loads, light loads, and the variable loads experienced between empty and loaded cart operating conditions.

Springs can easily be replaced to convert units for different load capacities and shock-absorbing characteristics. Like other Aerol products, all components of the shock-absorbing model are made from maximum corrosive resistant prime materials and all of the maintenance-free features are incorporated, making Aerol the outstanding industrial caster for all jobs.

Construction: 353 T6 Aluminum

Axle: 5/8 inch diameter

Lubrication: Sealed tapered roller bearings are lubricated and require zero maintenance.

Wheel Diameter: 12 inches

Overall Height: 15.25

Finish: Anodized, wet paint, and powder coat paint are optional.

6.25 x 8.12 Top caster Plate




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