Aerol industrial wheels and running gear wheels are durable, low maintenance, and designed to withstand exposure to a variety of environmental conditions.

From military applications to major industries, Aerol has a wheel for any situation. Our Aerolast wheels’ polyurethane properties can take the heat, abuse, or heavy loads without complaint, while our Airlite and Aerol Industrial Wheels are general-purpose wheels designed for medium to heavy duty applications.

 Aerol Seal Wheels are a positive pressure-sealed, heavy duty wheel suitable for all weather and dust operations, while our Pneumatic Wheels are designed for high- and low-speed applications, such as in baggage, utility cargo, farm, and house trailers, and other similar equipment.

We also offer Cushion Tread Wheels that will not go flat even when punctured and have a higher load capacity than a pneumatic tire of the same size.

And for mounting on straight stub axles and in casters, our High-Profile Tire features a tough, abrasion-resistant outer tread with the inside of the tire made from a soft heat resistant, energy absorbing rubber.

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