Maintenance Free Casters

What is a Maintenance Free Caster?

Aerol’s casters have been designed to provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Upper Seal

Consists of an “O” ring fitted snugly between the lower surface of the top plate and the upper surface of the caster horn and encircling the main thrust bearing.


Factory lubricated for a lifetime of normal service with a high-performance lubricant of unusual film strength, high meeting point, and low cold test. Will not corrode, gum, cake, or separate. No other lubrications required.

Lower Seal

An “O” ring fitted between the lower bearing housing and a formed stainless steel retainer.


Automotive standard tapered roller bearings permit both radial and thrust loads capable of providing maximum performance and rollability under normal operating conditions.

Patented Seal.

A positive pressure seal suitable for all weather and dust operations developed to withstand constant exposure to widely varied temperatures, water, steam, pressure, vacuum, detergents in normal solution, abrasives, animal fats, brine, and other foreign matter and conditions usually found in meat packing, food processing, bottling or cold storage industries, laundries, dry cleaning and tanning plants, pulp and paper mills, foundries and mineral processing operations.

Polyurethane Tread

Aerolast Polyurethane is high grade polymers combined with a curative to produce a tread with excellent rolling performance, the ultimate in high-load bearing capacity, and exceptional resistance to abrasion and oils, while ensuring complete floor protection from marking or cracking.

Rubber Tread

Made of the finest industrial rubber compounded to a controlled formula for uniform shore hardness and designed to eliminate chipping, gouging, chunking, or permanent set. Constructed for maximum rollability and maneuverability. The tread offers maximum resistance to oils, fats, detergents, and acids in normal solutions and to all type road surfaces and operating conditions.