Standard Caster Mountings

(C.M) Caster Mount

The caster mount is a pivotal element in mobility solutions, serving as the linchpin for the seamless integration of casters into a diverse range of equipment. Whether it’s industrial carts navigating factory floors or office chairs gliding effortlessly across office spaces, the caster mount provides the essential connection point that enables smooth movement. The versatility of caster mounts is exemplified in the choice between swivel and rigid mounts, offering tailored solutions for different mobility requirements. In essence, the caster mount is the unsung hero that empowers equipment with the freedom to move, ensuring efficiency and functionality across a myriad of applications.

(I.M) Inside Mount

In installing within brackets, it is imperative to drill shafts to precision, creating designated spaces for inserting roll pins or cotter pins through carefully aligned spacer sleeves. This meticulous procedure ensures a secure and stable configuration, allowing for optimal functionality within the brackets. Adhering to these precise specifications elevates the installation process to enhanced precision, promoting robust and dependable performance.

(O.M) Outside Mount

To install outside brackets seamlessly, precision drilling of shafts is essential to accommodate roll pins or cotter pins seamlessly threaded through spacer sleeves. This meticulous process ensures a secure assembly. Moreover, hub caps are thoughtfully provided to finalize the installation, presenting a comprehensive solution for a polished and functional outcome. The careful consideration given to each step in this installation procedure enhances the structural integrity and the overall aesthetic appeal, presenting a meticulous and well-rounded approach to achieving a successful and durable configuration outside brackets.

(S.A.O.M) Stub Axle Outside Mount.

Axle shafts require no drilling in this meticulous assembly process. Supplied with a C.M.-spacer sleeve on one side of the hub, bearing adjustment on the other is achieved through a flat washer, lock nut, and the choice of either a rolling pin or cotter key. A hub cap is included to finalize the installation, ensuring a polished appearance. Cadmium-plated spacer sleeves are essential for I.M. & O.M. installations, securely fastened to the shaft with a cotter key or roll pin. Using spanner wrenches is imperative for installing hubcaps and, if needed, for removing threaded retainers, emphasizing the importance of precision tools in this meticulous process.