Our Capabilities

With the use of the most modern manufacturing machinery and lean manufacturing principles, Caster Concepts offers our customers exactly the product they want at a price in range of a mass-produced price. Using laser cutting and press brakes as opposed to stampings and iron workers, along with a make to order philosophy, we deliver products that best fits our customers’ applications rather than adapting the application to fit the product.

As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, we go above and beyond standard to deliver outstanding results on time and on budget.

Engineering and Product Development.  Prototypes and production of custom products, dynamic testing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and design.

Testing. Wheel endurance and fatigue analysis, bond and peel testing, wheel shock absorption, dynamic and static performance.

Inspection and Quality Control. ISO 9001-2015 certified, comparator and profilometer measurements, material hardness, full statistical process control

Polyurethane Processing. Metal bonding, metered mixing, special and custom mold designs, batch processing.

Precision Machining. Up to 36-inch CNC turning, milling, broaching, horizontal boring, OD and ID grinding,

Fabricating. Laser cutting, forming, manual and robotic welding, metal cutting

Powder Coating. Large and small custom color batches from one unit to thousands.


The capabilities of the Caster Concepts community of businesses allows the flexibility and cost savings to mass produce customized products with shorter lead times.  These companies include:

Designing and Manufacturing Excellence by Albion Machine and Tool

Albion Machine and Tool excels in designing and manufacturing fixtures, gages, tools, and special machines for mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications.

Caster Cares represents the impact that Caster Concepts creates through sustainable educational, economic, and community engagement. Our goal is to promote positive and measurable change in Albion and the surrounding area.

Conceptual Innovations provides product development, finite element analysis, CAD, and manufacturing documentation to create prototypes, and proof of concepts.

Conveyor Concepts specializes in heavy-duty, custom conveyor parts for power-driven conveyor applications.

Fabricating Concepts is a multi-faceted laser cutting, forming, and powder-coating company, utilizing modern, high-powered lasers and large press brakes.

Larcaster torsion casters provide rugged and reliable support for all brands of forklifts with a full line of spring-loaded stabilizing casters.

Modern Suspension Systems heavy duty shock absorbing casters are made with rust-free aluminum and designed to protect loads up to 25,000 lbs. while reducing vibration and noise.

Reaction Industries manufactures polyurethane for industrial casters and wheels and related markets, utilizing MDI, TDI, remolding, short-run, long-run, special or standard materials.

The Machine Center specializes in CNC mill and lathe work with a focus on quality and service. Capabilities include long production runs to single-piece customized orders for both high and low tolerance requirements.

Triple E, LLC is a modern machining business with CNC turning, multi-axis milling, production broaching, centerless grinding, surface grinding, and screw machining.