Cushion Tread Wheels

Cushion Tread Wheels are a Go-to Option When Higher Load Capacity is Needed.

In the field of ground service equipment, there are times when the special features of a pneumatic tire aren’t needed. To provide the military with a viable option for a versatile and reliable solid rubber tired wheel, AEROL developed the Cushion Tread Wheel. These solid rubber wheels comply with all dimensional and performance requirements of Specification MIL-W-21985.

Wheels Sizes and Configurations.

Our Cushion Tread Wheels are offered in three sizes: 13-inch, 16-inch, and 21-inch diameter that corresponds to the industrial pneumatic wheels 3.50-6, 4.00-8, and 6.00- 9.

The popular 16-inch wheel is made in two hub configurations: one to fit the smaller axle, designated in MIL-W-8005 as part number MS24327, and the other to fit the larger axle, MS24328.

Advantages of a Cushion Tread Wheel vs. Pneumatic.

The advantage of a solid rubber tire is that it will not go flat even when punctured. It also has a higher load capacity than a pneumatic tire of the same size. In addition, Cushion Tread Wheels have a higher speed rating than pneumatics. Cushion Tread Wheels are rated to tow at speeds up to 25 mph.

Other advantages include:

  • Shock mitigation characteristics comparable to pneumatic tires
  • Interchangeability with standard pneumatic wheels used on aerospace and ground equipment
  • Low weight and availability of compatible brakes
  • Minimum maintenance and a compact design

Tire Configuration

The basic wheel design incorporates a hub, rim, and brake drum in one integral, lightweight aluminum casting with a cured-on rubber tire. Two tapered roller bearings, a seal, and a hub cap complete the assembly.

The tire has a soft core of heat-resistant rubber to provide maximum shock mitigation and a tough rubber cover to ensure long wear. The hub configuration and bearing sizes provide interchangeability with industrial pneumatic wheels specified in MIL-W-8005. The brake drum diameter and width permit the use of AEROL parking brakes conforming to specification MIL-B-22182.