Cushion Tread Wheels

In the field of ground service equipment, there are times when the special features of a pneumatic tire are not required. Recognizing this fact, and being aware of the military’s need for a versatile and reliable solid rubber tired wheel, AEROL developed its line of Cushion Tread Wheels that comply with all dimensional and performance requirements of Specification MIL-W-21985.

Three wheel sizes, 13-inch, 16-inch, and 21-inch diameter, correspond to the industrial pneumatic wheels 3.50-6, 4.00-8, and 6.00- 9. The popular 16-inch wheel is made in two hub configurations; one to fit the smaller axle, designated in MIL-W-8005 as part number MS24327, and the other to fit the larger axle, MS24328.

The advantages of a solid rubber tire are that it will not go flat even when punctured and that it has a higher load capacity than the pneumatic tire of the same size. AEROL engineers recognized the need for other desirable features: Shock mitigation characteristics comparable to pneumatic tires, interchangeability with standard pneumatic wheels used on aerospace and ground equipment, low weight, availability of compatible brakes, minimum maintenance, and a compact design providing all these features in the smallest space possible. All of these goals were achieved in the development of three standard Cushion Tread Wheels. The basic wheel design incorporates a hub, rim, and brake drum in one integral, lightweight aluminum casting, with a cured-on rubber tire. Two tapered roller bearings, a seal, and a hub cap complete the assembly. The tire has a soft core of heat resistant rubber to provide the maximum shock mitigation, and a tough rubber cover to insure long wear. The hub configuration and bearing sizes provide interchangeability with industrial pneumatic wheels specified in MIL-W-8005. The brake drum diameter and width permit the use of AEROL parking brakes conforming to specification MIL-B-22182.