Mechanical Parking Brake

The AEROL MECHANICAL PARKING BRAKE is the most efficient brake of its size on the market. Its efficiency results from the unusual single shoe design that provides maximum servo or self-energizing effect and three hundred and twenty-five degrees of shoe contact. The floating single shoe needs no anchors or adjustment provisions, and the large contact area ensures long life.

Here’s a good example of the outstanding capability of this parking brake: If the ten-inch ratchet pedal was engaged by a foot pressure of one hundred and fifty points, sufficient braking torque could skid a sixteen-inch wheel supporting a load in excess of two tons.

Complies with the requirements of specification MIL-B-22182

The AERO Mechanical Parking Brake complies with the requirements of specification MIL-B-22182, including all mounting dimensions of the backing plate and drum, and the choice of either a ratchet pedal for foot operation or a lever for rod or cable actuation. When the ratchet pedal is used, and the vehicle is operated over rough terrain, the risk of the brake being actuated by inertial force is eliminated with a latch that locks the brake in the “Off” position.

The Aerol brake may also be adapted as a “dead-man” brake, an important safety feature for mobile equipment used aboard a ship that may be rolling or pitching at sea.

The brake is produced in two sizes: one to satisfy the requirements of classes and 3 of specification MIL-B-22182, and a slightly smaller model to satisfy the requirements of class 2 brakes. The larger brake may be used with AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels, which have integral brake drums, or with industrial pneumatic wheels in sizes 6.00-9, 7.50-10, and 9.00-10, that are designated by part numbers MS24322-5A6, MS24322-7A10, and MS24322-9A10 respectively.

When the brake is used with the pneumatic wheels listed above, either aluminum or cast iron brake drums are available. The smaller parking brake is for use with the 4.00-8 size industrial pneumatic wheel, part number MS24322-3A6, and is also provided with an aluminum or cast iron brake drum.

AEROL produces a third and smaller parking brake for use with the 3.50-6 size industrial pneumatic wheel, part number MS24322-1A4. This brake, designed for the lighter load applications associated with the thirteen-inch diameter tire, does not require a brake drum; the two tapered shoes engage the tapered internal diameter of the pressed steel wheel rim, providing an unusually simple but effective parking brake. Two models are available; one with a ratchet pedal for individual brake operation, and the other with a lever for remote control by rods or cables.