Aerol Industrial Wheels

Aerol Industrial Wheels are factory lubricated for life with Lubriko-Master lubricant (M-21), offering unusually high film strength, an extremely high melting point, and low cold test. These wheels are designed to eliminate chipping, gouging, chunking, or permanent set when used under recommended load ratings.

These industrial wheels are also tread-contoured for maximum rollability and maneuverability, and to prevent bunching ahead of the load when operated within recommended capacities. This tread offers maximum resistance to oils, fats, detergents and acids in normal solution.


A general-purpose, heavy-duty industrial wheel featuring dual wall construction of prime aluminum alloy. These industrial wheels incorporate anti-friction, tapered roller bearings for the transmittal of loads directly to the bearing surfaces. As with all Aerol wheels, this tread utilizes the finest industrial rubbers or polymers compounded to controlled formulas to ensure uniform shore hardness.


Designed for a variety of heavy duty applications for exceptional durability and maximum rollability.

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