Aerol is a leading provider of innovative running gear and ground support solutions for military and aerospace. Aerol running gear was selected specifically for its capabilities to enable the rapid mobilization of the MQ-9 Reaper Drone.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to secure the deployment of the MQ-9 Reaper Drone—a highly valued asset—over ground transportation that would secure the drone in the hangar and make it adaptable for international transport via cargo aircraft.

Aerol Running Gear Ensures Speedy and Secure Transportation.

Once the Reaper drone lands on the tarmac, it is lowered on a chassis. The wings are removed and placed on a separate cart. Both carts are then transported into the hangar.

Using Aerol running gear reduces the time it takes to transport the drones to the hangar.  The pneumatic wheels used on the running gear are designed for higher towing speeds of up to 20 m.p.h.

Aerol running gear is designed to transport high-value equipment in mission-critical situations, which is why the MQ-9 trailer’s wheels are purposely overdesigned to ensure reliability and durability. Aerol running gear is a complete GSE solution incorporating steering, braking, and suspension into a complete package.

Additionally, this secure setup allows the drone to be easily transported anywhere in the world where it is needed. Side-mounted running gear allows for a lower overall height and lower center of gravity – two key military requirements that Aerol solves for transporting military equipment by aircraft.

Innovative Running Gear from Aerol.

All Aerol Running Gear and Ground Support Equipment meet or exceed Mil-spec requirements. All branches of the armed services qualify our facilities, and our customers include most prime contractors to the military. Through extensive research, real-world ground support experience, and innovative engineering, Aerol provides mission-critical features for military running gear.

These include:

  • Adaptability to virtually all types of trailer configurations and load capacities
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance (bolt-on installations)
  • Low profile design for trailer storage on aircraft when space is at a premium
  • Design simplicity using interchangeable parts to reduce spare requirements and simplify logistical support
  • Effective shock absorption for protecting equipment

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