S.A.M. (Side Angle Mount) Running Gear

A Side-Mount, Shock-Absorbing Unit Rated At 10,000 lbs. Per Wheel

The AEROL SAM Suspension Unit is a heavy-duty military running gear concept comprising a shock-absorbing unit that can be bolted to the side of an item of ground support equipment and a stub axle on which any one of a wide selection of wheels can be mounted.

The basic unit is used for both front and rear installations and can be made rigid or steerable by the addition of a lock pin or a steering arm. This flexible design permits front and rear steering for maneuvering in restricted areas, or conventional front end steering when the equipment is towed.

  • Compatible with AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels and Industrial Pneumatic wheels
  • Components exceed the requirements of specification MIL-M-8090 for type II mobility.
  • Available with parking brakes with ratchet pedals, levers for cable or rod actuation, and hydraulic service brake systems


The SAM Suspension Unit was originated by AEROL CO., in response to a request by the armed forces for a reliable and versatile individually sprung wheel and mount assembly. All components of the system are designed to exceed the requirements of MIL-M-8090, for Type I mobility. Interchangeability of components parts, and the wide adaptability to all types of ground support equipment with varying payloads, has been a significant contributing factor in standardization with sultan reductions of spares inventories and improvement in logistic support.

Like its smaller cousin, the Banjo Mount, the SAM Suspension Unit can be supplied to handle a wide range of loads up to 5,000 pounds per wheel. The load rating can be easily changed in the field by the addition or removal of standard springs. No special tools are required, nor is it necessary to dismount the unit.

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Parking brakes may be added, with ratchet pedals, or with levers for cable or rod actuation. Hydraulic service brake systems are also available, with a mechanical parking brake feature if required. Hydraulic brakes may be operated from the hydraulic system of the towing vehicle, or by means of a surge system incorporated in the tow-bar assembly.

The Ackerman automotive steering principle is used wherein the wheels are controlled by tie-rods connected to the tow-bar and tongue assembly. The tow-bar assembly may include, in addition to the surge system previously described, a stowage latch, over-steering linkage, and safety chains. 

The stub axle will accommodate 16 inch or 21 inch AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels, conforming to specification MIL-W-21985, industrial pneumatic wheels in sizes 6.00-9, 7.50-10, and 9.00-10, as described in specification MIL-W-8005, transport type and other commercial pneumatic wheels.