Running Gear Accessories

Brakes, Swivel Locks, and More

AEROL CO. can supply any accessories for ground equipment trailers, including reflectors, lamps, tie-down rings, pintle hooks, lunette eyes, and safety chains. Custom “A” frame tow bars for caster-mounted trailers can be built to your specifications, including stowage latches and quick disconnect pins. Whatever your needs, when designing or building trailers for ground equipment, when you think of mobility, think of AEROL.

Brakes: Ensuring Controlled Deceleration and Safety

Brakes are the linchpin of trailer safety, providing a mechanism for controlled deceleration and, ultimately, stopping power. In the world of ground equipment trailers, bringing a loaded trailer to a smooth and controlled stop is paramount. Various brake systems, including electric, hydraulic, and surge brakes, cater to different trailer types and load capacities. A well-maintained and appropriately sized brake system ensures the safety of the cargo and the well-being of operators and others in the vicinity.

Swivel Locks: Navigating Tight Spaces with Precision

Caster swivel locks are the unsung heroes when it comes to maneuverability. In scenarios where precise control and tight turns are essential, swivel locks come into play. These locks allow operators to fix the wheels’ direction, eliminating swiveling and ensuring a straight trajectory. This capability is precious when navigating confined spaces, loading docks, or negotiating sharp turns. Swivel locks empower operators with greater control over the trailer’s path, enhancing overall efficiency and safety during complex maneuvers.