Caster Swivel Locks

Locking a swivel caster adds the benefits of safety, flexibility, and ease of movement.

It also gives operators much more flexibility when moving and positioning material handling carts. By locking the caster wheel into a fixed (rigid) position, operators can transport and steer a loaded material cart over long distances. Unlocking the casters once at the destination enables the cart to be easily moved and positioned in any direction. In short, the locking caster provides flexibility in tight areas and easier movement when traveling a longer distance.

Heavy Duty Casters with Locks

Heavy-duty locking casters can be manufactured with built-in locking mechanisms. You can also retrofit a brake for a previously purchased caster.

We strongly suggest purchasing a caster with the locks built into the original design. These types of locking casters are much more desirable and will have a greater usable life cycle than locks applied after the fact.

Heavy Duty Caster Locks as a Safety Option

Locks are also often installed for safety reasons. Moving a cart with two locked casters (rigid) and two swivels casters is much easier to handle than a cart that has four swivels. It takes a lot of force to keep a loaded cart with 4 swivel casters on track and is more prone to operator injury.

L-Handle Swivel Lock

L-Handle Swivel Lock

The L-Handle style swivel lock is our standard option and has a die-cast aluminum body. It is attached to the caster base plate by means of two cap screws.

Ring Handle swivel lock

Ring Handle Swivel Lock

The Ring Handle swivel lock has a permanent mold aluminum body, and is attached to the caster by means of the caster mounting bolts. For this reason, the lock is delivered as a loose item that must be installed by the customer. The two mounting bolts that secure the swivel lock must be 3/8 inches longer than would otherwise be required.