Aerol Seal Wheels

Aerol Seal Wheels are positive pressure-sealed with a single well, highly corrosive resistant aluminum casting. These features, when combined with plated steel spacer sleeves — around which the entire assembly rotates in conjunction with cast aluminum threaded retainers in the wheel hub — house a series of Neoprene “O’ rings to form an air-tight, water-tight seal. This seal prevents condensation within the hub, excludes dirt, water, and foreign matter, and retains the lubricant for a dependable, maintenance-free unit requiring no lubrication during the normal service life.




Aerol Seal Wheels incorporate a single well, highly corrosive resistant aluminum casting with automotive standard anti-friction tapered roller bearings and are designed to handle radial, thrust, or combination loads. Neoprene O-rings form an airtight and water-tight seal to keep water, dirt, and other debris from entering the wheel hub.


A positive pressure-sealed, heavy duty wheel suitable for all weather and dust operations.

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