Aerosol products, from trailer axles to shock-absorbing casters, are always at the top of the class.

Airports and the air freight services that utilize them rely on ground support equipment to keep their operations moving. What keeps this equipment going are casters that must stand up to constant use and abuse, including unyielding surfaces and unfavorable weather conditions. When casters for ground support equipment become unreliable or unsafe, freight operations are immediately affected.

Solving running gear challenges with products tailored to your needs.

For decades, Aerol has enjoyed a strong relationship with the military, aerospace, and commercial industries. With capacities of up to 12,000 lbs. per axle. Aerol has solved mobility problems ranging from light-duty utility trailer axles to front and rear-axle synchronized steering units for people movers.

A big reason for our success is that we have the engineering expertise to understand your needs and provide the best solution. This includes developing running gear adaptable to virtually all types of trailer configurations. We’ve covered it if it deals with keeping ground support equipment moving.


For diverse and demanding military applications, depend on Aerol.

We manufacture Shock-absorbing casters that are spring-loaded and designed to absorb shocks and minimize the impact for specific applications and weights. This results in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage to carts, and less noise. Shock-absorbing casters are ideal for aircraft ground maintenance systems, engine dollars, and jacks.

Pneumatic and Semi-Pneumatic Wheels are an excellent choice for high-speed applications in baggage, utility, cargo, trailers, and outdoor uses, including wet environments associated with Aircraft Ground Maintenance Systems. Sealed-hub construction wheels are available when airtight, water-tight, and permanent lubrication features are essential. These wheels are also ideal for rough and uneven surfaces, including gravel, cracked cement, thresholds, and other surface environments.

Our Aluminum Casters are ideal for outdoor applications. As aluminum is lightweight, has high strength, and is non-corrosive to withstand the elements. Perfect for Aircraft Maintenance Stands, Aircraft Engine Stands, and Aircraft Wheel Dollies.

Casters for Jet Engine Transport Dollies support the additional weight of newer engine designs, provide easier maneuvering, and accommodate carts currently operating.

Aerol is a reliable and respected supplier of casters for ground support worldwide. And provides safe, efficient, and durable motion solutions from the ground up.