Running Gear


Ground Support Running Gear is the mechanical equipment that moves and directs an otherwise immobile object safely and efficiently—Aerol’s years of experience in the material handling field enabled us to develop military running gear components for trailers and other mobile ground equipment.

These capabilities include meeting the higher tolerances of the military specifications. All branches of the armed services qualify our facilities, and our customers include most prime contractors to the military. Through extensive research, Aerol determined the most desirable qualities customers desired in ground support running gear. These include:

  • Adaptability to virtually all types of trailer configurations and load capacities
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance
  • Low profile design for trailer storage on aircraft when space is at a premium
  • Design simplicity using interchangeable parts to reduce spare requirements and simplify logistical support
  • Effective shock absorption for protecting equipment

This research and design resulted in a complete line of aircraft running gear components. Two of our most successful applications include the S.A.M. Ground Support Running Gear and the BANJO Mount. The low-profile design of these running gear applications allows storage of trailers in planes in limited cargo space and provides easier maneuverability under a plane’s wings. Each unit’s component parts are completely interchangeable between front and rear, left or right.

S.A.M. (Side Angle Mount) RUNNING GEAR

A Side-Mount, Shock-Absorbing Unit Rated At 10,000 lbs. Per Wheel

SAM Unit

The AEROL SAM Suspension Unit is a heavy-duty military running gear concept comprising a shock-absorbing unit. It bolts to the side of an item of ground support equipment with a stub axle that allows the mounting of a wide selection of wheels.

The basic unit is used for front and rear installations and can be made rigid or steerable by adding a lock pin or a steering arm. This flexible design permits front and rear steering for maneuvering in restricted areas or conventional front-end steering when the equipment is towed.

  • Compatible with AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels and Industrial Pneumatic wheels
  • Components exceed the requirements of specification MIL-M-8090 for type II mobility.
  • Available with parking brakes with ratchet pedals, levers for cable or rod actuation, and hydraulic service brake systems


Eliminates the Need For A Through Axel —  Delivers Full Trailer Flexibility

The AEROL BANJO Mount military running gear concept comprises a wheel mounted on a stub axle fitted to a shock absorption unit that bolts to the side of an item of ground service equipment. The AEROL Banjo Mount handles loads up to 1,000 pounds per wheel in increments of 125 pounds and is compatible with Aerol Cushion Tread Wheels and Pneumatic Wheels. This setup eliminates the need for an axle beam, and the load cradled between the individual wheel units permits a lower center of gravity.

  • Banjo UnitComponents exceed the requirements of specification MIL-M-8090 for type II mobility



The Limi-Torq limits the movement of the tongue at points corresponding to the maximum cramp angles. When the tow bar turns to the point where the inboard wheel has reached its maximum cramp angle, the steering mechanism is disengaged, and the tow bar is free to swing further without applying additional force to the steering linkage.


AEROL uses the duo-servo type brake exclusively for service brake installations. In the duo-servo brake, the two shoes are connected at their bottom ends by a floating link and impinge on an anchor at their top ends. A double-acting cylinder is located adjacent to the anchor so that when hydraulic pressure is applied, one shoe will be actuated by the piston, and the other will bear against the anchor, depending on the direction of rotation of the drum. The floating link transmits the piston force and the friction force developed by the primary shoe to the secondary shoe providing a highly efficient braking action.


The AEROL MECHANICAL PARKING BRAKE is the most efficient brake of its size. Its efficiency results from the unusual single-shoe design that provides maximum servo or self-energizing effect and three hundred and twenty-five degrees of shoe contact. The floating single shoe needs no anchors or adjustment provisions, and the large contact area ensures long life.

The AERO Mechanical Parking Brake complies with the requirements of specification MIL-B-22182, including all mounting dimensions of the backing plate and drum and the choice of either a ratchet pedal for foot operation or a lever for rod or cable actuation.


This device responds to any decelerating force of the tractor pintle hook on the lunette eve of the trailer tow-bar to actuate the hydraulic brakes of the towed vehicle. Whether the force of the tractor on the tow bar results from deceleration, excessive lurching, or descending a grade, the trailer’s surge against the tractor will actuate the brakes. 

This surge system is designed to accommodate sudden shock loads on the lunette eye without actuating the brakes so that they are not spasmodically applied while the equipment is towed over rough terrain. 


Pneumatic Tires cushion loads and roll over obstructions with ease. They are also excellent for outdoor use on rough or uneven surfaces like gravel or cracked cement. They are perfect for high- and low-speed applications, such as baggage, utility cargo, trailers, warehouse trucks, and similar equipment. Aerol Pneumatic Tires are also offered with sealed-hub construction where air-tight, water-tight, and permanent lubrication features are essential, as in boat trailers and all-weather and dust applications.


The success and popularity of Cushion Tread Wheels prompted AEROL to make available a series of wheels with similar tire construction for mounting on straight stub axles and in casters. These new wheels have a high-profile tire using two rubber compounds: the face of the tread is a tough, abrasion-resistant compound, and the remainder of the tire is soft heat resistant, energy-absorbing rubber.

The wheel core is a lightweight aluminum casting. Our High Profile Wheels feature 16-inch, 12-inch, and 10-inch sizes. These High Profile Wheels in a shock-absorbing caster can be used in conjunction with Cushion Tread Wheels mounted on Banjo Units.


When the unique features of a pneumatic tire are not required, our  Cushion Tread Wheels comply with all dimensional and performance requirements of Specification MIL-W-21985. These solid rubber tires will not go flat even when punctured and have a higher load capacity than pneumatic tires of the same size.

Other features include shock mitigation, interchangeability with standard pneumatic wheels, low weight, and minimum maintenance, all featured in a compact design.