Eliminates the Need For A Through Axle —  Delivers Full Trailer Flexibility

The AEROL BANJO MOUNT running gear concept comprises a wheel, mounted on a stub axle fitted to a shock absorption unit, that can be bolted to the side of an item of ground service equipment. The necessity for an axle beam is thus eliminated, and the load cradled between the individual wheel units permits a lower center of gravity. 

Due to the radial arm mounting of the axle in the BANJO MOUNT, when the wheel strikes an obstruction, the resulting motion is upward and backward, or in the direction of the force applied to the wheel. Therefore, the minimum shock is transmitted to the payload. Because of this design, the AEROL BANJO MOUNT is especially suited to the carrying of delicate loads.


The AEROL BANJO MOUNT is designed for loads up to 1,000 pounds per wheel in increments of 125 pounds, and can be use with AEROL Cushion Tread Wheels in sizes 13 inch, 16 inch, and 21 inch diameter, or with industrial pneumatic wheels in the corresponding sizes, 3.50-6, 4.00-8, and 6.00-9, described in specification MIL-W-8005.

  • All components of the system are designed to exceed the requirements of specification MIL-M- 8090 for type II mobility

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Steerable front-end units and rigid rear-end units may be fitted with parking brakes with ratchet pedals, or with levers for cable or rod actuation. Service brake systems are also available. The Ackerman steering principle is used, with tie-rods controlling the steerable front wheels from the tongue and tow-bar assembly. The tow-bar assembly may include a vertical stowage latch, over-steering linkage, a surge system to automatically actuate hydraulic service brakes, a mechanical dead-man linkage to actuate the parking brakes, safety chains, and a quick release pin for easy removal of the tow bar.