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Ground Support Industry

Ground Support Equipment Casters

Aerol Casters play a versatile role in enhancing mobility, adaptability, and efficiency within the military ground support industry. Whether it’s a cargo deck, cargo dollie, aircraft maintenance stand, or other related equipment, our ability to design and manufacture ground support equipment for any type of situation ensures successful equipment mobility and deployment in diverse environments.

In fact, 90% of all military aircraft programs are supported by Aerol MIL-SPEC products — from initial manufacture of the aircraft to ground support equipment used on land or sea.

Adaptability to Various Terrains.

Military operations demand that equipment remains mobile in different environments. Casters designed with pneumatic, or cushion tread wheels are excellent for rough or uneven surfaces. Aerol trailer casters are equipped with a positive pressure sealed wheel for all weather operations and are noted for their high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength.

Efficient Servicing and Deployment

Casters are essential for ground support equipment used in servicing and maintaining aircraft. They enable the easy movement of equipment such as maintenance platforms, tool carts, and trailers. And they are available in a dual wheel, low profile design for height restrictions, such as loading on cargo planes. Casters and running gear facilitate the quick deployment and redeployment of equipment, making it easier to respond to rapidly changing operational requirements.

  • Dual wheel casters
  • Aluminum casters
  • Running gear (Banjo and SAM)

Maneuverability and Security.

For precise control, caster swivel locks allow operators to fix the wheels’ direction. This eliminates swiveling and ensures a straight trajectory or adaptability in how a cart functions, whether it is being pushed, pulled, or towed. Other locking mechanisms, such as Aerol’s Deadman Brakes and footbrakes, are tested to keep cargo safe and secure even when the payload is out on rough seas, providing stability and security when needed.

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