Aerolast Wheels

The Aerolast formula takes full advantage of the unique combination of resilience, hardness, abrasion resistance, and outstanding mechanical properties that urethane elastomers provide. 

Most Aerolast products are made by liquid casting, allowing fabrication of parts of almost any shape or size, from miniature complex components to massive parts of monolithic structures weighing hundreds of pounds. Aerolast’s high machinability makes it excellent for prototype and short-run development prior to production casting. This allows Aerolast to promptly and accurately meet your specifications at a sensible price. 

Our experienced engineers can determine the best chemical formulation and casting process for the effective design of even the most complex product. In-house capabilities include a machine shop, tool and die facilities, and polyurethane processing to produce a wheel to your exact product specifications from start to finish. 

Quality control is one of the most important steps in the final leg of a project’s success or failure. We take pride in the fact that our rigid standards and inspection procedures are second to none and approved by all three military branches. 


Aerolast’s polyurethane provides the solution to whatever problem you encounter, whether it’s abrasion, load-bearing capacity, or chemical deterioration. Aerolast offers a unique combination of hardness and resilience in one material. This durable resin is available in a variety of sizes and durometers.


High heat applications, non-marking situations, high load-bearing, and salt water applications where corrosion resistance is necessary.

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