Minimize impact and maximize load protection.

Aluminum shock absorbing casters not only reduce the risk of employee injury due to jarring and vibration but also keep sensitive loads safe during transport. These casters ensure that less energy is transferred to the cart or rack itself – and ultimately to the person operating it. Shock and vibration are constants on manufacturing floors, and industrial casters take their share of abuse between frequent directional changes, uneven flooring, and debris. Constant vibration can also cause equipment like casters and carts to experience fatigue over time. In addition, Shock absorbing casters are perfect for uneven and rough outdoor terrain often encountered by the military.

Designed and fully tested under a wide variety of conditions, Aerol shock-absorbing casters provide maximum shock absorption under all conditions even when the truck or dolly is empty or nearly empty. Our commercial type coil spring combinations provide optimum shock absorbing characteristics for heavy loads, light loads, and the variable loads experienced between empty and loaded cart operating conditions.

Like other Aerol products, all components of our shock absorbing casters are made from maximum corrosive resistant prime materials. Our shock-absorbing casters offer many benefits, including:

  • Protecting cargo from damage by absorbing impact and load movement
  • Reducing noise due to vibration
  • Easier to roll than conventional casters when the flooring is cracked or uneven
  • Faster towing capabilities because wheels remain in contact with the floor
  • Reduces risk of damage to flooring


Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Caster

SDSH 10″ Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Dual Caster

Determining Proper Spring Compression

When extreme damping is required, all our casters can be customized to ensure the springs fit the weight of your application. This is an important consideration.  If the caster uses the wrong springs, it could potentially do more harm than good. Too firm of springs can cause more vibration and potentially noise and damage your contents. If the springs are not firm enough, it would be like there is no shock absorption at all. Therefore, it is necessary to determine an accurate weight for the load. If you have any questions regarding load weight and choosing the proper caster, talk to your Aerol Representative.

Both ductile iron and cast aluminum are used exclusively for the structural components of Aerol casters and suspension systems. These metals possess excellent dampening properties. Our shock absorbing casters provide the optimum combination of shock mitigation to reduce shock transmissibility and minimize resonant response.

 Wheel Composition

The harder the wheel material, the more sound and vibration will be transmitted from the floor through the wheel assembly and into the cart. The wheel material should be firm enough to support the load without causing premature failure. It should also be soft enough to minimize the vibratory effects of the wheel traveling across a less-than-perfect floor. In these instances, polyurethane treaded wheels are commonly used. They are able to carry industrial loads as well as provide higher pitch ”noise reduction.”

Polyurethane or rubber tread are used with our shock absorbing casters for enhanced shock absorption, stability, and safety. It is important to note that while softer treads do a better job of reducing noise, they provide less wear resistance and are also more difficult to roll manually.